Telescopes I currently own
Uses/ Notes
14" (0.36 m) f/6 truss tube Newtonian (2008) Deep sky observing, excellent 1/25 wave Obsidian primary!
4" (102 mm) f/7.9 Stellarvue SV102T apochromatic refractor (2006) Imaging, planet and solar observing. Excellent color correction, must use 0.8x Televue field flattener for wide format digital imaging
6" (154 mm) f/6 TPO (GSO) Newtonian (2015) Great grab and go scope for my ES Twilight II Mount
6" (154 mm) f/6 Explore Scientific (ES) Doublet Refractor (2014) Great star party scope on GOTO mount!
70 mm f/6 Stellarvue SV70T apochromatic refractor (2016) Wide-field astroimaging! Airline carry on scope!
Sleeping Giant, Kauai

Kaumukani Ballfield, Kauai. March 2015 Explore Scientific AR152

Telescopes I previously owned
Criterion RV6 6" (0.15 m) Newtonian (1981) Excellent optics. Sold (big mistake) in 1985 to build the below scope.
10.1" (25.7 cm) f/4.5 homemade Dobsonian, Coulter optics (1985) Built for Halley's Comet. Poor optics, lots of coma. Sold in 2001 to buy Discovery 8".
80 mm f/6 Stellarvue 1010 achromatic refractor (2003) Nice flat field doublet. Great with H-alpha filter, color fringing on bright stars and moon. Sold in 2005 to buy APO.
4" (105 mm ) f/6.2 Stellarvue SV105 apochromatic refractor (2005) Great for imaging and viewing. Excellent optics. Needs field flattener for imaging. Sold in 2006 to buy SV102T.
5" (127 mm) f/10 Celestron C-5 Schmidt Cassegrain (2000) Best SCT ever made. Sold in 2009 (had too many scopes).
8" (0.20 m) f/7 Discovery Newtonian (2001) Excellent optics, great visual views, no visible coma, excellent astrograph. Sold in 2010 for move to Hawaii.
7.5 " (190mm) f/5.3 Orion Maksutov-Newtonian (2008) Excellent optically fast flat field astrograph! Sold in 2010 for move to Hawaii.
4" (102 mm) f/10 Buschnell 4000 Schmidt Cassegrain (1995) Solar eclipse airline travel scope. Sold in 2013 to a Maui whale photographer.
70 mm f/6 Stellarvue SV-70 achromatic refractor (2011)

Guidescope and wide-field spotting scope. Sold in 2014.

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