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Date/Location February 20, 2009 Wildwood Pines Observatory, Earl, NC
Camera and Settings Canon 30D
Telescope Stellarvue SV102 102 mm apochromatic refractor at f/6.3 (using a Televue 0.8x FF/FR)
Mount Parallax HD150
Exposure 40 min (4 x 10 min) tracking on comet
Processing Image Plus 3.0, Photoshop
Other Comet Lulin C/2007 N3 was in the constellation Virgo a degree southwest of the star Zanaih (Eta Virginis). In this image, the comet is at ~ r.a. 12h 13.2m , dec. -1° 8.4' (2009.1). The brightest star in the field of view is SAO138670 (the streak halfway between the comet and the upper right-hand corner of the image), mag. 7.48. [South is up and west to the left in this image.]
Comet Lulin
IScroll down to bottom of image for a detailed description.