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Date/Location March 18, 2009 Wildwood Pines Observatory, Earl, NC
Camera and Settings Canon 30D
Telescope Stellarvue SV102 102 mm apochromatic refractor at f/6.3 (using a Televue 0.8x FF/FR)
Mount Parallax HD150
Exposure 60 min (6 x 10 min) tracking on stars
Processing Image Plus 3.0, Photoshop
Other Comet Lulin C/2007 N3 was in the constellation G712h 13.9m , dec. -21° 39' (2009.1). The brightest star in the field of view is SAO54563 (the star half in and half out of the image on the lower right border), mag. 6.42. Notice the motion of the nucleus of the comet during this 60 minute exposure ! [North is up and west to the right in this image.]
Comet Lulin
IScroll down to bottom of image for a detailed description.