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Date/Location February 23, 2009 Wildwood Pines Observatory, Earl, NC
Camera and Settings Canon 30D 30F
Telescope Stellarvue SV102 102 mm apochromatic refractor at f/6.3 (using a Televue 0.8x FF/FR)
Mount Parallax HD150
Exposure 60 min (6 x10 min)
Processing Image Plus 3.0, Photoshop
Other Open star cluster and nebula in constellation Monoceros. Mag. 4.09, size 39 arcmin. Also know as the Christmas Tree Cluster as it is in the shape of an upside-down x-mas tree. Note the faint Cone Nebula at the apex of the x-mas tree. Image cropped.
IScroll down to bottom of image for a detailed description.